Through the Looking Glass (A Day in the Life): Lazin’ and Dazin’

For my Through the Looking Glass post this week, I’m choosing to highlight this past weekend, instead of just one day. It’s been a great one, relaxing, fun, and energizing. The perfect way to begin a full week off!

It started something like this:


Coffee on the porch with the kids…

Then we made breakfast, which is not pictured. For a reason. I attempted to make apple pancakes, which failed miserably as there was leftover garlic residue on my cutting board AND I forgot to sweeten the batter. Garlicky, non sweet pancakes. With honey. Epic fail.

Lunch, however, was more successful. We ventured out to one of our favorite places, Whole Foods, for some treats to kick off our week off including peanut butter Newman-O’s, spinach artichoke hummus, locally made whole wheat pita bread, kombucha, gluten free beer, and some (gasp) BBQ potato chips. (Hey it’s our week off! We get to indulge a little!) No, none of this is pictured, but it was delicious and turned into lunch and well, kind of dinner too.


We got to sleep in late, (till after 10 woo hoo!) so breakfast was kind of lunch was kind of brunch- only after our weekly venture to the farmer’s market of course.

 Which was slightly delayed  by an Olive in the market basket…

Gluten fee baked ziti with homemade almond “parm,” with a kitty in the back ground, flanked by two:

gluten free beers! (New at our local Whole Foods)

 Then it was on to phase 2 of the Grand Kombucha Trial:

The actual kombucha making! As you might have seen in this post, we made our starter or “mother” last month. We transferred the scoby to 2.5 liters of brewed green tea with sugar in the hopes of making a batch of our very own kombucha! Updates to come, so stay tuned!!

After the kombucha making, a visit with my dad, and half of Hellboy II: The Golden Army later, it was about time for dinner!

Raw sunflower seeds, soaked, with garlic to make a topping for:


What I’m calling Woodland Pizza: topped with mushrooms, sautéed kale, and caramelized onions.


In typical Rachel fashion, I made myself noodles topped with almond parm for brunch while Maddie was at work.

Along with lots of coffee…

In my Alice cup…

Then it was off to the gym to work on one of my goals for March: revamping my workout, followed by a pit stop at the local co-op:

Lara Bars, organic fire roasted tomatoes, 2 kombuchas, gluten free sprouted corn tortillas, 2 bell peppers, and an onion.

After a trip into the outside world, it was time for an afternoon snack…

While I watched a shark movie and the first phase of dinner was simmering away on the stove:

What I call “speckly beans.” My parents grew them in their garden a couple of seasons ago and dehydrated. They gave me a big jar of them this past fall, and I’m just now getting around to using them. Now I’m wondering why I waited because they’re delicious! I simmered them up with some black beans for chilli:

Along with the fire roasted tomatoes, onion, and peppers I bought earlier at the co-op, and some vegan quesadillas with the gluten free tortillas.

We rounded out the weekend with a show at a local music hot spot by Cults. Which brings me to what I wore Sunday night:

Jorts: homemade, Alice in Wonderland T-shirt: Urban Outfitters (years ago!), tank: ancient!, tights: gifted, red Ked’s: also ancient

Hope you had a great weekend also! I don’t think mine could have been any more perfect.



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