Images of Spring

Lately I’ve been head over heels in love with all the signs of spring! Everything from the weather to the sunshine to the trees and the flowers and the grainy yellow pollen on my computer screen as  I sit and type outside. Everything about this time of year makes me feel alive: not having to bundle up for my morning runs, wearing jorts and sneakers with out socks, sitting at a table under a big umbrella sipping iced coffee and eating a vegan cookie. There’s something in the air and on the breeze that makes everything more beautiful in spring time…

So for today’s post, I’m giving you some images of Spring, taken with thoughtfulness and as a visual tribute to the season.

Olive is obsessed with our market basket! Every week before and/or after we go to the Far Mar, she climbs in and around it sniffing and licking at our veggies. Such a sweet little snuggle bug…

She fell completely in love with our bag of spinach… takes after her mom and loves the green what can I say?

Olive’s beloved bag of fresh Far Mar spinach.

The rest of the basket was just as beautiful. There’s something really springy about a basket full of fresh green things.

I’ve also seized the opportunity to dry all of our clothes outside in the warm spring air. We were lucky enough to have a mild winter, so I was able to do this for most of the cooler months, but there’s something about the smell of spring in your clothes…

Drying out the clothes pins after a spring shower! They got all soggy, as did the clothes on the line!

Spring also has me inspired in the hand made department as I dream of things to wear and create:

Playing with my new sewing machine on a rainy afternoon…

I’m not the only one who loves craft time…

The warm weather also has me gearing up for warm weather garb i.e. JORTS!

My farmer’s market outfit on Saturday.

And this little fellah hung out with me all through my German class yesterday:

Adorable little inch worm!

Happy spring!



13 thoughts on “Images of Spring

  1. Olive is so cute! My kitty isn’t very into vegetables, but I have a dog that goes crazy for lettuce and carrots.

    Also bugs usually scare me, but not inch worms. They’re the only bug that I’ll gladly let crawl on me. I wonder why that is?

  2. Sweet photos! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to put away all of those winter clothes?? I love heading out for the first days of spring wearing a t-shirt (still gotta have jeans out here – ticks and chiggers) – it’s like my arms even feel happy about it!

    • It was definitely wonderful to put away all of my winter clothes this past weekend and pull out some spring/summer wear! I’m loving every minute of the warmer weather and am spending as much time as possible outside!

  3. The kitties are adorable! I was resistant to spring at first but am coming around. I can bike more and just last weekend when we biked around we ended up with like ten of those inch worms on us due to riding under trees:p.

    • Well, er uh… I’m still in the very early stages of learning, so I have more ideas than actual projects at the moment! But I’m getting there! I’m hoping to make some eco-friendly reusable items like coffee cup sleeves and snack bags out of recycled fabrics. I’m also hoping to make bags and clothes too! What about you? What you you like to make?

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