Through the Looking Glass (A Day in the Life): Weekend Installment no. 2

As promised, I’m working on several installments of this past weekend’s eats and antics for my :

posts! So here’s installment 2 of this past weekend: Saturday.

Maddie and I woke up and went on one of our favorite weekend traditions:

breakfast at the co-op! Scrambled tofu and their delectable roasted potato slices, all with some organic ketchup.

Then we headed off to the Far Mar for some beautiful produce.

Including the first juicy strawberries of the season

We got this HUGE head of butter crunch lettuce for only $2.50 at the market. It’s delicious, and oh so lovely to behold.

After our excursion, it was off to nearby Raleigh for me for a shortened shift (we sold out of EVERYTHING) on the food truck! (We were at this event)After my hot work over a sizzling grill, Maddie and I headed off to grab a beer from Natty Greene Brewery then dinner at the Remedy Diner.  We’ve eaten there before, and knew it was just what we needed to satisfy our late-night craving.

I got the veggie gyros and Maddie got the Barbeque. Mine is smeared with their amazing vegan ranch! For dessert, we got their amazing vegan key lime pie, which again disappeared too fast to photograph!

Art in the bathroom at the Diner…

Saturday was just as lovely as Friday! Hope your weekend was just as delicious and just as lovely!



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