Enchilada Pie for Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! In honor of the occasion, I’m posting a delicious south of the border themed dish:

Enchilada pie!

This recipe was so simple but the results tasted like they took ages to prepare. I cooked up some of my beer beans, then layered them with sautéed spinach and mushrooms, caramelized onions, salsa, and cheezy cashew cream lasagna-style. I topped it all off with some homemade enchilada sauce and fresh cilantro.

Then served it up topped with some far mar lettuce, some extra salsa, and some chimichurri sauce from the local taco truck. Then, as I was typing and interwebbing away this past week, I feasted on a burrito from a local hotspot, Carrburritos:

They have this awesome thing called “Tofu Tuesday” and it’s to die for. Maddie and I went and got a vegan tofu burrito each on Tuesday, and kept the other halves for lunch the next day, which is what is shown here. We each got ours with guac, beans, rice, salsa, and lettuce, and dipped them in some more chimichurri taco truck sauce and the restaurant’s homemade salsas:

Nothing short of divine. All of our week of Cinco festivities were of course accompanied by some delicious beers:

Happy Cinco, all! And do, put cilantro on everything.



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