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Some photos from my New York trip this past weekend. (The gato was NOT stoked to see me packing up and leaving).

I feel like I ate my way through Brooklyn! So many good places that I was lucky enough to explore. The highlights for me were of course MoMA and the Met. I’m a nerd till the last. Food wise, my bestie’s friend in the city invited us to her beautiful Chelsea apartment for a homemade vegan meal. It was delightful and I’ll never forget the amazing view from her roof.


Green juice and a paleo vegan salad (not pictured) at Whole Foods near the airport.


Prosecco at the airport.


Pleather till the last. I traveled surprisingly light.


Seaweed snacks, my weekly dose of surrealism readings on the plane.


There was a lot of cloud cover flying into JFK, but I was still thrilled to see all of those lights and the city scape at night.


This just killed me. This little kitty is the shop cat apparently. When we passed on our way to dinner, he was sitting farther back in the store. On our way back to my friend’s apartment, he was perched on the stoop, not venturing outside but watching all of the passersby.


Whiskey with a giant artesian ice cube. Because Bushwick…


On Friday morning we went to check out the Most Holy Trinity Cemetary deep in Bushwick. Most of the tomb stones were metal. I’d never seen that before but with my interest in death cultural and ritual (one of my key pedagogical interests) this place was breath taking and fascinating. I found it via this article.


Some of the grave markers (can’t really call them tombstones as they’re all metal!) were crushed. So amazingly and bizarrely beautiful.

IMG_3908 IMG_3909 IMG_3911 IMG_3913

Truly loved this place.


Tofu scramble for brunch at 983.


Jewelry purchase, headed to the subway.


Lunch at Candle Café, the more casual version of Candle 79. Definitely my favorite restaurant meal of the trip.

Wheatgrass, cayene, ACV, lemon, ginger wellness shot that we split.


And holy hell. RAW PUMPKIN CHEESE CAKE. I’ll remember this forever.


Walking around Chelsea.


Subway art.


Saturday morning avocado toast on one of the piers in Williamsburg. Agh! That view!


Under the Manhattan bridge.


Lunch: vegan “egg” salad and a super green juice at Teany. So delicious.


Dessert: a latté and oatmeal buttercream whoopie pie at Swallow in Bushwick.


Sunday brunch. Tofu rancheros in an amazing arbol chile sauce. Holy hell sooooo good! (983 round 2.)


JFK veggie sushi and seaweed salad before my flight home.




Taking the weekend off to relax after 2 compressed weeks of crazy art historical monasticism. I love it. Update to follow next week, but until then a few photos documenting said monastic lifestyle.


I really and truly love this life. So much.


Quick tofu scramble last night with TONS of greens. Trying to keep that immune system STRONG.


Speaking of strength, I’m still pumping regularly despite all of my other endeavors.


Presents for kind friends who do favors. Cat approved of course.


Also cat approved: the tiny pumpkins I bought at Trader Joe’s the other week for my centerpiece. I’ll be honest, I actually bought these with him in mind, knowing he’d like to gnaw on them. He does.

Typical mornings at least half of the week. Reading, reviewing readings, LOVING IT. Dalí llama mug makes my surreal academic embarkments all the more amusing.


Are you watching the new season of American Horror Story? We are! I don’t think the cat likes Twisty the Clown, but I’m super into the new season, mostly because of Jessica Lange. As always she’s absolute perfection especially in that powder blue Bowie suit!


Last weekend, I caught up on the weekly episode and devoured half of this amazing pizza delivered right to my door from a local place. One of the best vegan pies I’ve ever had as it happens. Had to push the cat off my lap for this one. He loves Daiya. Little weirdo.

Recent Eats


I made fermented jalepenos!

IMG_3036 IMG_3457

Ice cream keeps me sane.


Butternut squash, baked balsamic tofu, quinoa, pecan/walnut combo and Surrealism. The perfect lunch.


Some of the best vegan mac and cheeze I’ve ever made! Gluten free too!

IMG_3538 IMG_3556 IMG_3699

Epic, EPIC burrito bowl.


I’m not the only one whose sanity depends on cookie dough…

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It’s baaaaaaaaack! Threads is back! I’ve missed doing these posts but the past 6 months have been so up in the air filled with insanity that the threads sabbatical has been quite nice. It’s usually easier for me to get on board with Fall as opposed to Summer fashion any way. It’s been fun to look back at last year’s posts and see how much my wardrobe has changed. I can say with confidence that I’m super please with my clothes these days. Nearly all of them I’ve purchased specifically to clothe myself in my new life–this life. This wonderful crazy, somewhat, ok very stressful graduate school life I’m now living.

It’s so funny how much my wardrobe will fluctuate in terms of colors patterns etc and then return to it’s resting state: black. Yes, black is my favorite color. Not in a morbid, goth, or I-hate-the-world way but in a… comfortable state of self kind of way. Good gravy, I really do love the monochrome.


On this particular day, (last Sunday to be exact) it actually felt like Fall in sunny Florida. There was a touch of cool in the air, and the light had that beautiful autumn paleness to it. My favorite. I went to campus to study with some colleagues in the art library. So I was going for comfort and a slight deviation from my day to day. (I don’t wear jeans when I’m working or in class)

Jeans- Levi Strauss

Top- H&M

Hat- H&M

Pleather jacket- thrifted

Necklace- Etsy

Knife- Spyderco

Not pictured-some vegan pleather biker boots, origins unknown (meaning I forgot where I got them…)


I’ve taken to wearing a knife in recent months. I honestly consider it just as much of an accessory as a scarf or bangle. A good friend gave it to me as a going away gift and I can’t even begin to list the ways it’s been incredibly useful to me since. Slicing up my snack fruit plums or apples is a cinch and opening all the boxes and packages I need to in my admin job couldn’t be easier. My mom always carried a Swiss army knife with her in her purse when I was a kid and it helped out so often with all the little things I’d need opened or sliced here and there. If you’re looking for a solid little pocket knife, I highly highly recommend this one. Also makes a great gift.


The cat who matches my wardrobe…


Assembled, in an Instagrammed car selfie. New cut too! I’m loving it. And I loved wearing this outfit. The perfect combination of cute and comfortable, campus and weather appropriate while fitting into my current style aesthetic. Who says that vegans can’t be edgy and fashion forward?!

Can’t wait for more days like this one. It’s been around 90 degrees here lately, but is going to get down into the upper 70’s this week. I can’t believe that’s “cool” for me now! :)