Kicking down the closet door (again): Coming out as a “live and let live” vegan


Recently, a good blogosphere friend of mine, Carrie of Carrie on Vegan (soon to be Carrie on Living),  came out as no longer vegan. I was not only proud and inspired by her honesty and authenticity as a health-conscious blogger, but was simultaneously touched and outraged by some of the words in the comments section of her post.   I’ve been vegan for 5 years this August. In 5 years I’ve not consciously consumed any meat, eggs, or dairy products and have chosen to eliminate other sources of animal based items from my life. In 5 years, I’ve sharpened my own personal philosophy of veganism into something I feel is finally tangible and concrete, and I’ve recently edited my “Why Vegan?!” and “Vegan Manifesto” sections on the blog to reflect that. These changes, coupled with Carrie’s recent post got me to thinking: where do I personally stand on vegans versus non vegans and the vegan/non-vegan debate? How do I personally feel about people who aren’t vegan?!

So, dear readers and friends–I feel the need to kick down the closet door for the second time in my life.


I am a live and let live vegan. 

Let me clarify: while I choose not to eat meat, dairy, eggs, or honey; avoid wearing fur and leather; and buy skin care and beauty products that don’t contain any of the above and that aren’t animal tested I won’t judge you if you do.  As I vegan, I seek to put my dollar into products and foods that I want to consume. In doing this, I hope that my existence and that of other vegans can enact change by creating a demand for more sustainably produced plant based foods and products.

I 100% stand by the articles I’ve written (and likely will continue to write) here on the blog that have been political–that have engaged some of the benefits of veganism and those that have blatantly attacked the meat and dairy industries. I am vegan because I don’t agree with these industries, what they do to animals or what they do to the workers who are employed by them. I think that everyone can benefit from adding more plant based foods to their diets because not only are they delicious but they’re incredibly healthful, and those benefits can’t be overlooked no matter what other foods you choose to eat. I’ve posted before about how vegans and non vegans alike can learn from each other and establish wider dialogues rather than arguments surrounding unjust and exploitative systems that take advantage of the environment, animals, workers, and consumers. Most of the people who have seen the horror and intricacies of factory farming aren’t comfortable with and wouldn’t want to financially support such an industry. For vegans and non-vegans alike, I believe this is a source of common ground.

I am a live and let live vegan.

For me, veganism is so much more about what I can do to fight these things and personally not contribute to them rather than critiquing or analyzing what happens to be on my or anyone else’s plate at any given moment. I’m lucky to have people in my life who are as supportive and interested in my vegan lifestyle as they are in the foods that work for them, their bodies, and their taste buds. I know what works for mine, you know what works for yours and the less we judge each other the closer we’ll get to enacting real and lasting change regardless of where we fall on the plant based foods spectrum.









Nothing makes me feel like I am in the South more than the feel of humid air on my skin. My new home in Florida is filled with it. On my most recent trip to Tallahassee, my mother and I ate lunch down by the train tracks, on the edge of town. These are all photos from that area, many from an old feed store nearby. Though midday, the light seemed to have that late afternoon glow which made making these photos somewhat like a dream. In some ways I feel that’s all that summer is–one long, languid, warm, and melty dream. A dream in decay.

white bean avocado spread








My new roomie gifted me a bowl of white beans and slightly ripe avocado this week. The avo being a bit too ripe for her, not wanting to waste it, into my eager arms this gift came. And promptly into the food processor. It’s some where in between hummus and guac, diverging in all the right places with parts vaguely reminiscent of each delectable dip.

White Bean Avocado spread

1 can white (cannellini) beans, drained and rinsed

1 avocado, pitted and husked

salt and pepper to taste

1 tablespoon lemon juice

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon rice vinegar

pinch fresh parsley

1 clove garlic

Combine all ingredients in food processor until smooth. Devour.


Gosh this stuff is good. You’ll want to eat it quickly so the avo doesn’t brown, but trust me when I say that won’t be a problem.


I scooped mine up with some of my favorite gluten free crackers from Trader Joe’s and added even more to a lunch salad. It really is the perfect summer spread, and I keep thinking how lovely it would be smeared on a wrap or a sandwich.


into june

IMG_0952 IMG_1001 IMG_1006 IMG_1010 IMG_1016 IMG_1056


It’s so hard for me to believe that June is already here. The last month has flown by so quickly. Things on the blog are going through transition again. I am very excited about and somewhat preoccupied with my latest series, SOUTHERN DECAY, which premiered earlier this week. Something about my environment lately has driven me to create and be quite thoughtful about my surroundings. Summer in North Carolina seems to have this strange, magical glow about it. That’s meant a lot of time out socializing for me as I’m trying to soak up my last few months in Carrboro before the big move. The result has been not so much cooking lately. Hoping to begin more kitchen experiments soon, but right now I’ve enjoyed dining out with friends and eating simple foods at home.

That vegan bahn mi I had was completely fantastic and one of the best things I’ve eaten lately. It was a great evening at a lovely restaurant with my best friend. I’ve been working a part time nannying gig lately, that’s made me a little overly busy and stretched a bit thin. Realigning things and changing my schedule has allowed for a good bit of resolution for me, but the past several weeks have yielded many, many smoothies to get me through the day. Looking forward to more kitchen projects unfolding as my schedule begins to open up again.